Friday, May 3, 2013

Great Career Advice from a Cartoonist

Here's a great blog post a cousin of mine recommended called Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They'd Teach in Art School.  Although the post is written by an illustrator, in my opinion, the advice he provides is applicable to all career paths.  One of my favorite pieces of advice that he provides is to "Draw Awesome Stuff and Put It on the Internet."

As with any career choice, potential employees need to put together a portfolio, and what better way to advertise yourself than an electronic portfolio.  So, even if your work samples are not "art" exactly, putting up links to modules you created or grants that you wrote is something you can use to gain more exposure for your work, and boost your Google rating in the process.

In addition, people can also provide feedback for your work as well, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  It can help you improve your work and you get the advice from people who genuinely want to help you (for the most part). Here's a video which features a portion of Neil Gaiman's commencement speech that can also apply to other career choices as well.

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